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Links and Search Engines

I am currently working on this with the help of a friend, Becki, so this is very much not close to being finished, if it ever will be.

Support Groups

Tri-Ess an international support organization for crossdressers and their families

IFGE  The International Foundation for Gender Education

Grampian Gender Group
Beaumont Society
Seahorse Society

Intersex Support

XY-Turners genetic mosaic support group - Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis is a condition caused by genetic mosaicism, usually xy/xo. Ordinarily xy results in a male and xo results in a female with Turner's Syndrome. About 90 per cent of xy/xo children have an apparently normal male body shape at birth. About 5 per cent have a female body shape and about 5 per cent have ambiguous genitals.

Gender identity problems are extraordinarily common in xy/xo even in those born with apparently normal male genitals. Since doctors rarely order a karyotype for children with gender identity problems some of our members were misdiagnosed for years. This matters because all xy/xo patients are at risk for heart and kidney problems.
Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group (AISSG) UK - The Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group (AISSG) is a peer information/support organisation established in 1988 (formalised in 1993). We are completely autonomous but are affiliated to the Genetic Interest Group (GIG) and Contact a Family. We help adults and families affected by XY intersex conditions such as AIS, XY gonadal dysgenesis (Swyer's syndrome) and 5 alpha reductase deficiency, and also XX females with Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser (MRKH syndrome, Mullerian dysgenesis/aplasia, vaginal atresia etc. We have branches in Germany, USA, Canada, S. Africa and Australia.
Homepage of the Adrenal Hyperplasia Network
AIS People Club
AISSG - Homepage of the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group
ISNA - Homepage of the Intersex Society of North America
Klinefelter Syndrome and Associates
Medical papers on IS conditions - Location of a vast collection of papers on intersex conditions.

Campaigning or Education groups

Gender Identity Research and Education Society - GIRES exists to promote and communicate research that improves the lives of people affected by gender identity and intersex issues.


Bullying Online - This charity Bullying Online gives comprehensive advice and information to parents and children on how to deal with school bullying.

There is a wealth of information on the site, everything from how to take a complaint right through the education system to racist and mobile phone bullying and there are also explanations of the different types of bullying policies in UK schools and sample letters for parents to copy out if they are not sure what to say.

Personal Pages

Gender Tree this just happens to be my web and is a help web. I am unabashedly Christian and much of the web has to do with Christian issues. The largest section is however humor. I also cover historical, cultural and philosophical issues. 

Diane Wilson This is a good site full of rich writing. It not only has excellent resources about being transgendered, but has writings of trans-woman after her transition and those writings show that we are people inside who have become whole.

Lynn Conway Computer Scientist, Electrical Engineer, Inventor, Research Manager, Engineering Educator.  This is a great web site with lots of information. She is very up on what is happening in the scientific community and has a great deal of information on  her transition.

Rebecca Allison, M.D. Gender resource with a Christian edge

Jade Devlin A wise Christian and a good web 

TS Women's Successes Links and Photos TS women's success list - M to F who have successfully transitioned.

Successful TransMen Links and Photos  TS men's success list - F to M who have successfully transitioned.


Transsexual Women's Resources
A site "designed to empower transsexual women by providing factual information, informed opinion, and personal narrative." Detailed information on surgery and physical body transformation for the MTF transsexual. Webmistress Anne Lawrence, M.D., says, "I hope these resources will help transsexual women make decisions which will best serve their individual needs."

Challenging psychiatric stereotypes of gender diversity description: GIDreform.org is an information resource for all who advocate reform of the psychiatric classification of gender diversity as mental disorder.

Rachel's Web

Probably more Transgender, Transsexual and Crossdresser related site links than you'll find anywhere else.

Gender Web Home Page


The only weekly worldwide radio program that talks about transgenderism in the first person. The site also features solid reference material not available elsewhere.

GRACE & LACE LETTER INTERNATIONAL The Grace and Lace Letter is a Christian publication for transgendered persons

The International Journal of Transgenderism The first scientific journal on transgenderism, peer reviewed with an editorial board of many leading scientists from all over the world. Published quarterly and updated with new articles during the quarter.

Resources for Transyouth

Rikki Swin InstituteThe Rikki Swin Institute (RSI), founded by Ms. Rikki Swin, was established to form a partnership between professional providers, corporations, individuals, and trans persons for better understanding and acceptance. RSI is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt Foundation consisting of a gender library, research facility, and newsletter publication. RSI's offices are located in the Chicago area and are designed as a showplace in which to conduct business, host meetings, and small conferences appropriate to the institute's mission. RSI also provides provide space for study and research. .



http://www.tolerance.org - Fighting hate and promoting tolerance in all ways

http://www.tgcrossroads.org  --seems to be especially good for parents, teachers, other grownups       



www.mermaids.freeuk.com      Family Support Group for Children and Families



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