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What I Would Have Wanted To Know When I Was Coming Up         

            You’re not the only one.

            Your classmates/parents/etc. are wrong: you’re not a freak.

            It gets better.

            You will be loved for who you are.

            You are the one who gets to decide how you will be. There are more than two options. Don’t let anyone try & force you to do someone because they say “That’s what girls do” or “That’s what boys do.” YOU decide what’s right for who YOU are.

            People often get angry when someone makes a choice they hadn’t even considered for themselves, because they think if you don’t do things their way, that it’s a reflection on the choice they made. So they want everyone to choose the same things they have chosen. Just remember: this is THEIR issue, not yours. You are not required to change just to make someone else feel more comfortable about themselves.

            Anyone who doesn’t fit in gets harassed. You’ll have to be strong and brave. The payoff is, you’ll be proud & free, because you’ve learned to make your own decisions and not be pushed around.

            Try not to hate your body. Feelings can become habits—the stories we tell ourselves in our heads have a lot to do with how we live our lives, because they effect how we deal with things. If you start hating your body—or anything else about yourself, for that matter—it will be a lot harder to feel good about it later.

Thaniel Chase

If I could turn back time and be a child again. I would want my parents to be understanding of my condition. I would have wanted to be loved for whom I was, instead of being corrected and mocked for my actions. I would have wanted to know that there were others like me, and that I was not an alien or diseased. That God loved me for whom I was, and that he had a great plan for me when I grew up. I would have learned to love and accept myself, instead of hating and hurting me. I would have made more friends and been a social light, rather than a loner and hidden in a cage. I would have enjoyed my precious years, instead of wishing that I could just disappear. The dresses, the dolls and all the pretty stuff, I would have donated or turned in for a GI Joe. It would have saved me from drowning in my tears, if my parents would have praised me and celebrated through the years. I was a boy in my heart and soul, yet they deceived me and forced me to be a girl. I have one message for my young transgendered friends, love who you are, and care not what other people say. You are special, and beautiful in every way. God has given you a gift that other envy and wish they could feel for a minute in their life. Although it seems like its a curse a bad thing now. When you get older you will learn some how. That you are special and have what other people will never get. You have wisdom of the yin and yang, you have balance of the dark and the light. My friends rejoice for we are the true kindred the spirit of love, and you will help others find their hearts and be thankful to be alive. I wish I would have learned all this things when I was young, instead I dreaded living and wanted another life. I am OK now with who I am. I am proud transgendered man. I would not have it any other way, for I am more than just a man. I am a man with knowledge of both sexes, well balanced in energy and a will to spread love and compassion like no other man I know. Love yourselves little brother and sisters, and remember God loves all his children.

Mark Angelo Cummings


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Last modified: 02/09/09